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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Greenware disposable products are made from naturally fallen areca leaves, hence they are eco-friendly, biodegradable and home compostable.

Yes, Greenware disposable products are completely chemical free and hence does not cause any harm to environment.

The Greenware plates and bowls are made from naturally fallen areca leaves.

Yes, Greenware disposable products are leak proof and can hold liquid contents for many hours without any leakage.

Yes, Greenware disposable products are microwave and freezer safe.

No, Greenware disposable products are meant for one time use only.

Greenware disposable products can be used for small as well as large family and social gatherings like wedding, engagement, birthday parties, picnics etc.

Yes, Greenware disposable products are suitable for liquid contents.

What our customer speaks?

Last weekend, we had planned for a get-together with our friends at my home. There were almost 25 guests and we decided to order food from outside. We didn't want to use our regular utensils and cutlery as cleaning them afterwards become a big  task. So I searched a bit online and came across Greenware Sustainables website. There they  have eco-friendly plates, bowls, spoons etc made from areca palm leaves. That was perfectly  machine my requirement. So I decided to order it online from their website and it was delivered  next day morning to my home. The products were well packed. The plates and bowls were very sturdy and did not wobble like paper plates. We found it very useful  for buffet dinner. Since the plates and bowls are made from naturally fallen areca leaves, they are  completely compostable. After the use, we decided to dispose it with along with wet trash which goes to composting unit  set up by our housing complex. It's indeed a highly recommended product and I'll definitely recommend it to my friends, colleagues  and family members to use it and Go Green with Greenware products !!

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