About Greenware Sustainbles

Greenware Sustainables introduces itself as a reputable company that leads India’s distribution of environmentally friendly areca leaf plates, bowls, wooden spoons and forks. Greenware Sustainables is a venture of M/s Yogeshwar Enterprises founded in the year 2018.

Since the inspection, the company’s dedication to quality has been the main factor in its success and expansion, and it will continue to serve as its compass in the years to come. Our main goal is to give consistently high-quality service to our esteemed clients at reasonable market rates.

We think that quality is a broad concept that should permeate every phase, from raw materials through processes to the finished product. Therefore, from the stage of the raw materials to the level of packing, we adhere to strict quality control processes.

The foreign market has shown a great deal of appreciation for our products. We are constantly extending our product line through creative design and exceptional craftsmanship. You’ll be amazed by the extraordinary quality and the wide range.

Our organization is of the opinion that cooperation, education, and inspiration may raise the bar for the quality of goods and services. Our top priorities are providing our clients with excellent supplies and maintaining prompt delivery schedules.

As required by the customer, we also have the knowledge and capacity to carry out bulk orders and customised orders. Long-lasting connections with our customers have been made possible by the high quality of our products.

Why choose Greenware Sustainables?

The best quality natural ingredients

Flavor of forest fruits, carrots or apples to choose from

Sterile packaging for the highest value


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