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Areca Palm Plate 10 inches – Square – 3 Compartments | Pack of 25 Plates | Parties and Functions | Free Shipping* | CoD Available

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  • Features – Leak Proof, Sturdy, Chemical Free, Eco-Friendly, Natural, Home Compostable, Microwave Safe
  • Material – Areca Palm Leaf
  • Brand – Greenware
  • Colour – Brown
  • Shape – Square
  • Size – 10 * 10 Inches
  • Compartments – 3


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The Areca Palm Leaf Plates and bowls are made from naturally fallen areca palm leaves. These are completely natural and made without use of any chemicals.

These are premium grade plates and bowls. Greenware Sustainables are completely disposable tableware’s which are perfect for every occasion like wedding, engagement, birthday party, get-together, picnic etc.

The Areca Palm Tree is endowed with huge leaves and fronds, which shed and fall to the ground every few weeks. These leaves are sundried and heat pressed into disposable plates, bowls and platters.
No Chemicals, No Bonding agents, No Lacquers or Sealants used. Each plate is hand pressed from a single leaf.

They have a wood like appearance, providing a touch of Nature to every dish they are used for.

This elegant dinnerware is also 100% compostable (composts in 60 days – no industrial process necessary) and disposable, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor events.

The material does not react with food. All manner of wet/hot/cold foods can be served, without the plate losing its integrity. They are microwave safe ( 2 minutes on high)and oven safe (45 Minutes at 350 Degrees); and capable of withstanding generous portions of food.

1.  Are Greenware disposable products eco-friendly ?
      Yes, the Greenware disposable products are made from naturally fallen areca leaves, hence they are eco-friendly, biodegradable and        home compostable.
2.  Are Greenware disposable products chemical free ?
      Yes, Greenware disposable products are completely chemical free and hence does not cause any harm to environment.
3.  What is the material used for making Greenware plates and bowls ?
      The Greenware plates and bowls are made from naturally fallen areca leaves.
4.  Are Greenware disposable products leak proof ?
      Yes, Greenware disposable products are leak proof and can hold liquid contents for many hours without any leakage.
5.  Are Greenware disposable products microwave and freezer safe ?
      Yes, Greenware disposable products are microwave and freezer safe.
6.  Are Greenware disposable products compostable ? 
      Yes, Greenware disposable products are home compostable. 
7.  Can Greenware disposable products be used multiple times ?
      No,  Greenware disposable products are meant for one time use only.
8.  For which all occasions Greenware disposable products are useful ?

       Greenware disposable products can be used for small as well as large family and social gatherings like wedding, engagement, birthday parties, picnics etc.

9.   Are Greenware disposable products suitable for liquid contents ?
       Yes, Greenware disposable products are suitable for liquid contents.

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1 Review Write a review
  1. admin (store manager)

    Had a birthday party at my place. I placed orders of 50 plates the packaging was good and I received the plates in time.

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